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Web development, Fri, 04/22/2016 - 08:49

If you have already registered a hosting account, then to raise Drupal site left a few simple steps. We will use the command line utility Drush server and connecting to the server over SSH. How to configure SSH-clients can be found in our documentation. 

Connect to the server using the data obtained from the letters on the establishment of an account:

Linux / Mac:


Go to the directory created domain to install Drupal.

  cd ~/domains/ 

Follow the download distribution drupal. Not specifying the version you download the latest stable version of the kernel

  drush dl drupal 
  mv ~/domains/ ~ /domains/ 

You can immediately download the necessary modules to you. To do this, select the list of modules in the team dl

  drush dl ctools views libraries 

Run Drupal installation

drush site-install minimal --account-name=admin --account-pass=P --db-su=rootdbuser --db-su-pw=rootdbpasswd --db-url=mysql://dbuser:'dbpass'@'localhost' /database --site-name=sitename 

Explanation of commands:

drush site-install - Install Drupal

--account-name = <youname> - Accounting zapisbuduschego admin site

--account-pass = <youpasswd> - The password for the account 

--db-su = <root> - mysql user name endowed with rights to create users and databases, in this case the root

--db-su-pw = <rootpasswd> - Password mysql user

--db-url = mysql: // <dbuser>: <dbpasswd> @ localhost / <sitenamedb> - Here we specify the user name, password, and database that we want to create and use for a project on Drupal.