Deploy Drupal web-site on elasticweb hosting

If you have already registered a hosting account, then to raise Drupal site left a few simple steps. We will use the command line utility Drush server and connecting to the server over SSH. How to configure SSH-clients can be found in our documentation. 

Connect to the server using the data obtained from the letters on the establishment of an account:

Deploy Laravel application on elasticweb

Laravel - php-framework of the new generation, is designed to develop an architectural model using MVC. We are actively cooperating with the Laravel community and set up our servers for maximum performance and compatibility with this wonderful framework.

To work with Laravel we need  composer, these software products are already installed on all our servers by default. Libraries necessary to run the framework (php5-mcrypt, php5-gd, php5-curl, php5-mysql) is also installed. Composer is a tool for managing dependencies in PHP. It allows you to declare dependent libraries necessary for the project and set them to the project.