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Blog // Deploy Laravel application on elasticweb

Web development, Thu, 02/02/2017 - 20:31

Laravel - php-framework of the new generation, is designed to develop an architectural model using MVC. We are actively cooperating with the Laravel community and set up our servers for maximum performance and compatibility with this wonderful framework.

To work with Laravel we need  composer, these software products are already installed on all our servers by default. Libraries necessary to run the framework (php5-mcrypt, php5-gd, php5-curl, php5-mysql) is also installed. Composer is a tool for managing dependencies in PHP. It allows you to declare dependent libraries necessary for the project and set them to the project.

Installation using the Composer:

Using Composer, download the installer Laravel.

  composer global require "laravel / installer = ~ 1.1" 

Pointing as a PATH directory ~ / .composer / vendor / bin, it will be possible to use the command laravel.

After installation, a simple command laravel new straight from the tin will Laravel application in the directory you specify. For example, laravel new blog will create a directory to install the blog and Laravel with all dependencies. This installation method is much faster than installing via the Composer:

  laravel new blog 

With Composer

You can also install using the command Laravel Composer create-project:

  composer create-project laravel / laravel --prefer-dist 

More details

Prices of server resources

Statistics based on the resources usage available in the control panel.
Parameter Descriptopn Price
CPU 100% usage for 1 hour 0.11$
Web Bandwidth for used 5Gb 0.01$<
MySQL Bandwidth for used 5Gb 0.02$
IO operations for 10Gb input/output 0.01$
RAM memory for used 50Gb 0.01$
Disk space for 30Gb/hour 0.02$
MySQL disk space for 30Gb/hour 0.04$

Our monitoring system instantly removes the load on the server and sends it to the data processing service. We determine how many resources used your site or the work of your employee on the server. At the end of the day, we summarize the results and invoice you. Payment for services occurs automatically from the personal balance on the site.