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How to transfer site to us

Migrating sites consists of several steps. In this tutorial we will try to make the migration process more transparent website. In this tutorial we will migrate test site from your PC/server to our hosting.

1. Ordering a hosting account

Visit the home page of our site. In the form on the main page, specify the domain name, select the platform on which runs the site.

  1. Click on "Connect site" to proceed to the next step.
  2. Enter your contact email, and your name so we can create an account for you and a Web hosting account.
  3. Click on "Finish".

2. Update your DNS

Change the DNS server at your domain registrar, on our (DNS1. ELASTICWEB.ORG; DNS2. ELASTICWEB.ORG). Usually, a DNS update takes place within 2-6 hours, but sometimes this process is prolonged up to 72-hours. If you enter our domain DNS, but still does not work-write in support.

3. Export database

To move the database from one server to another, you should: 1. Download the database dump to your computer (export). 2. Download the database dump on the server hosting (import). This can be done in several different ways. Some CMSS allow you to perform these operations by using built-in tools. You can also use the MySQL database by the Dumper. But the most familiar and common method for converting databases-this means the control panel phpMyAdmin database, which we consider.


At the command prompt, type the command for your system implements export the contents of your database in the file. To do this, run the command:

mysql -uUSER -pPASSWORD -hlocalhost DATABASENAME < ~/

The result of the work of this team will be a file in your home directory.


Go to phpMyAdmin for the server where is now your database that you want to migrate, and on the left side of the menu in the database list, select the table that you want to migrate.

Click the "export" tab and select "export as" normal-display all possible settings.

  1. In the table must be selected all of the tables that you want to import. Maybe a situation where to migrate some databases table when importing will not be needed. In this case, deselect those tables that you do not need by selecting the required table names with sandwiched the Ctrl key on your keyboard;
  2. Item must be selected save output to a file;
  3. The file encoding-remember the encoding that is set in this field;
  4. No More values do not have to touch if you don't know their purpose;
  5. Click on "OK", and then save the file to your computer.

4. Upload files to server

You received an email account was successfully created. In the letter there to access the server (SSH/FTP). Now we need to download the files of your site to the Directory domain on our server. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol that is designed to transfer files in computer networks. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to connect to FTP servers, view the contents of the directory and download files from a server or on a server. We recommend you to use FileZilla as a client.

Connect to servers using FTP client, using the data access from the letter. Upload your website files to your domain directory (~/domains/

Import the database dump

  1. Import the database dump;
  2. Go to "Phpmyadmin" and log in;
  3. Select the database and click "import";
  4. You get a window, in which you click on "Choose file" and select your database dump site;
  5. Then click on "Go".