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Setup FTP client

One of the recommended to use FTP clients-FileZilla client is a free multilanguage FTP client, you can download it from the official page

After installing and running in the main program window, you must configure a new connection, for this need to click on "Site Manager", or select "File menu-site manager".

In accordance with the instruction "FTP — file hosting, file uploads" get and set options for the connection:

  • «The host» is the address of the FTP server.
  • «Server type» — FTP — File Transfer Protocol.
  • «Logon type» is normal.
  • «User» is the user name.
  • «Password» is the password.
  • «Encryption (encryption)» — Use plain FTP.

Go to the tab "settings", select passive mode transfer, tick the "limitation of simultaneous connections" and set the "maximum number of connections to 2-m click" connect ".

Connection to the server will occur, then you can work in the usual mode for a two-Panel file manager.