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Joomla хостинг от elasticweb

The main advantage of elasticweb for site owners to Joomla is a high performance of your sites. Our servers have all the necessary software for using Joomla. In elasticweb, sites created on this system, demonstrating the highest performance and stability.

Joomla is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP, uses a MySQL database as the data store.

For sites on Joomla you can use Elastic node and Strong nodes.

  • Weekly backups of your sites to another server.
  • Support from the developers
  • Git on all our servers

Hosting price for Joomla CMS in elasticweb

We have provided hosting already hundreds of projects. Choosing our approach to pay for hosting, payment for the used resources on the server, clients substantially save. Thanks to the resources utilized statistics developers determine the bottlenecks in their sites. Elasticweb is a reliable partner for your site.

The cost of hosting for the site to CMS Wordpress starts from 1 ¢/day. Try elasticweb and you will be surprised.