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Yii 2 хостинг от elasticweb

For running Yii use PHP with 5.6 and PHP 7.0. For Yii Advanced and Yii basic, we've provided templates for nginx config. The main advantage of elasticweb for site owners to Yii is a high performance of your sites.

Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP framework for rapid development of large-scale Web applications.

For sites on Yii2 you can use Elastic Node and Strong nodes.

  • Weekly backups of your sites to another server.
  • Support from the developers
  • Composer, Git on all our servers

How deploy Yii application in elasticweb

Your application is ready to run? Run a Yii-powered Web application is divided into several stages:

1. Upload your application code on the server.

Deploy application mainly involves copying the files to a directory on the server. There are several ways to upload files, we'll look at simple (FTP). Upload your site files in the folder/domains/ the server. The following checklist contains all necessary steps:

  1. Edit the file index.php entry point, specifying the $yii variable in the file path to the Yii bootstrap;
  2. Edit the protected/yiic.php file by specifying the variable $yiic the path to the new file yiic.php;
  3. Change directories assets and protected/runtime so that they had access to overwrite the Web server process.

2. Upload database dump on the server.

Application PHPMyAdmin allows you to work with databases via a browser.

With it, you can edit the contents of the databases, run SQL queries, backup and restore databases. Use MySQL-user for authorization.

  1. In the interface of phpMyAdmin, the right part of the window click the "database" tab and select the database.
  2. On the page that appears on the right, click on the "import" tab.
  3. In the section "file to import, click Choose file, select the imported DB dump, and then click OK at the bottom of the page.

3. Configure your application to run in our ecosystem.

Change the logon point file ~/domains/, removing the string identifying the constant YII_DEBUG. This constant is useful during development stage because it allows Yii to display more debugging information when an error occurs. However, when the application is running in production mode, to display debugging information is a bad idea, because it may contain sensitive information, such as the location of the script file, the contents of the file, etc.

Hosting price for Yii 2

We have provided hosting already hundreds of projects. Choosing our approach to pay for hosting, payment for the used resources on the server, clients substantially save. Thanks to the resources utilized statistics developers determine the bottlenecks in their sites. Elasticweb is a reliable partner for your site.

The cost of hosting for a site on Yii framework starts from 1 ¢/day.