About partner program

For our partners, we have developed a special program. Partners receive up to 50% of all payments given by customers. To become our partner it is enough to register. The referral link will be available in your account.

Hosting partner program

The minimum amount for payments to partners: $ 1. Available payment methods: PayPal and bank transfer (available for Russia), payment upon request (via the ticket system)Visits are tracked through via cookies. Even if the customer has passed through your affiliate link and pay for it only after 30 days, you will still be enrolled affiliate percentage.


If monthly income less than 100$


If monthly income more than 100$


It is forbidden to use the affiliate program to obtain an additional discount for yourself.


Payments for individuals are taxed. Thus, the remuneration under an agency agreement to a citizen who is not an individual entrepreneur is subject to insurance premiums for pension and compulsory medical insurance.

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