About Elastic

Elastic hosting

Our monitoring system instantly removes the load on the server and sends it to the data processing service. We determine how many resources used your site or the work of your employee on the server. At the end of the day, we summarize the results and invoice you. Payment for services occurs automatically from the personal balance on the site.

You no longer need to worry that the server of your site will not bear the burden of visitors. Our administrators respond quickly to anomalies on the server and beat the bots. All of our servers running hardware protection against DDOS attacks.


Prices of server resources

Statistics based on the resources usage available in the control panel.
Parameter Descriptopn Price
CPU 100% usage for 1 hour 0.11$
Web Bandwidth for used 5Gb 0.01$<
MySQL Bandwidth for used 5Gb 0.02$
IO operations for 10Gb input/output 0.01$
RAM memory for used 50Gb 0.01$
Disk space for 30Gb/hour 0.02$
MySQL disk space for 30Gb/hour 0.04$

Additional payable options

Configure your hosing account. All control panel services are paid.
The price of the control panel connected capabilities
Name Monthly price Daily price Cancel price
Statistics 1 day Free Free Free
Statistics 3 day 0.50$ 0.02 $ 0.00 $
Statistics 7 day 1.00$ 0.03 $ 0.50 $
Statistics 14 day 2.00$ 0.07 $ 1.00 $
SSH Access Free Free Free
FTP Access Free Free Free
File manager 0.15$ 0.005$ 0.075$
Http2 protocol 0.3$ 0.01$ 0.15$
Custom backups 0.15$ 0.005$ 0.15$
Node limits 0.15$ 0.005$ 0.15$
Telegram notifications 0.15$ 0.005$ 0.15$
SSH/FTP journal 0.21$ 0.007$ 0.105$
Email notifications 0.15$ 0.005$ 0.15$
PhpMyAdmin 0.3$ 0.01$ 0.15$
Webmail interface 0.03$ 0.001$ 0.015$
Team access (per 1 member) 0.50$ 0.016$ 0.25$

* Count of domains, databases, and email is not limited. The cost of domain service, mysql database, email is 1 cent per month.