About pricing

Especially for new projects and startups, we have developed a tariff plan that will not fear for the load. This is the classic rate of virtual hosting with a fixed fee.

Hosting for startups

Лучшее предложение для блога или визитки фрилансера. Возможность тестировать свой код на техническом домене. Бесплатный перенос сайта со старого хостинга и SSL сертификат Lets Encrypt.Поддержка всех пополуярных PHP систем управления сайтом. Bitrix, Laravel, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla и многие другие. Поддержка всегда готова помочь в настройке вашей ноды для корректной работы сайта.


2$ / month
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Limitations of the tariff plan

There are restrictions on this tariff plan: up to 10% of the processor core, 256 mb of RAM per 1 process and 1 GB on the disk. Work with node provides only 1 FTP / SSH user. These are the optimal limits for most sites.

Resource Monitoring

Always available resource monitoring system in real time.

Hosting price

The price of this tariff plan is fixed. The withdrawal of funds occurs every day ($ 2 per month). You can complete the work with a hosting account at any time and receive a refund for an unused period.


We still make backup copies of all nodes once a week. All clients have the opportunity to create their own backup copies and schedules for them.