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холстинг для drupal от elasticweb

Company "Elasticweb" offers the services of a professional web hosting for Drupal sites. 

ur productive servers and specially configured software will make the job simple and complex sites fast and stable. Development and maintenance of the sites will be simple and enjoyable.

For Drupal sites you can use Elastic node and Strong node.

♦ Drupal install clean copy from the control panel.

♦ Weekly backups of your sites to another server.

♦ Support from developers



Web site development based on Elasticweb


Your team of developers will simply work with the site, as we have on all servers installed Git, Composer, Drush. The core of the latest versions of Drupal 7, 8, stable work with PHP 7. Using PHP for Drupal 7 gives a huge performance boost. For sites using older versions available server with PHP version 5.6.


Support for Drupal sites

All your questions on working with drupal sites you can address our support team. Our company employs professional developers ready suggest a solution to your problem.


The cost of hosting

We have provided hosting already hundreds of projects. Choosing our coming to pay for hosting-pay per server resources used in fact, clients substantially save. Elasticweb is a reliable partner for your site.

The cost of hosting for a site on Drupal CMS starts from 1 ¢/day.


How transfer my Drupal site to Elasticweb hosting 

Create a new domain in the control panel (e.g. Your Registrar (where you bought the domain) enter our DNS server:

* Changing the DNS registrar takes from 6 to 72 hours.

Download the files of your site to the server elasticweb using SFTP/FTP protocol.

* Upload files to your domain directory ~/domains/

Export on your computer (or the old hosting) the structure and content of the database. This can be done through PhpMyAdmin. As a result, you will have a file with the extension sql.

Create a database in the control panel and mysql user to it. Go to PhpMyAdmin on the server Elasticweb. Import the resulting database dump earlier in the database you created.

* Import you can also make connecting to the server over SSH.

In the file "sites/default/settings.php ' configure the connection to the new database.


If you have any difficulty, please contact customer support. We will be happy to help you deploy your website on our hosting.