Elastic node

Elastic-a modern approach to hosting service based on the used hardware resources. When ordering a hosting account (Noda) Elastic you host your sites on our servers. If you are working on your site, your site's scripts use server hardware resources (disk, CPU, RAM, network). You can find prices for server resources on the page: prices for hosting.


Hosting terms and conditions

This plan has no limits on the count of domains, databases and email addresses. If your old hosting limit you to this, offering to move to the next tariff plan, then we don't. In our view these limits-fee for air. Our approach to hosting service honest, you pay only for the load from your sites.


How much cost elastic hosting?


On the tariff plan Elastic invoices are issued each day. This approach can significantly reduce the cost of hosting. To start using the tariff plan to replenish the balance enough elastic 1 $. The amount will remain on your account and will be used to pay for hosting services.


Protection from bots and hackers.


Protection against DDOS us ensures data center, also on our servers use system protect your sites from flooding. You can contact support and we will refund the money for the bots. A prerequisite is the existence of access logs (included in the domain settings).


How does it work?


All our servers run on Debian. Daemon statistics necessary for the resource at intervals queries each user process and generates a report that is sent to the server statistics. This daemon is on each server. Then the received data is grouped by servers and accounts and presented as graphs in the control panel. To ensure that there is no delay, we have scheduled export on a separate thread.


We monitor all the processes of the system, whether the Web server activity, activity on the command line or shell. The doctrine of the statistical system is any interaction with the server should be taken into account (CPU%, RAM Memory usage, IO operations, Disk usage, bandwidth, MySQL, Web bandwidth). In other words, even an open SSH session is taken into account.




Monthly maintenance of n number of sites with a total attendance of 1000 people per day can cost ~ 30 rubles per month or less. Navigate to the cost of your projectswill help our calculator.



Payment system


When designing the billing we gone from billing/invoices and monthly payments. By analogy with the subscribers of cellular communication, Elasticweb clients have a personal balance, which is a payment of services. The balance may be negative during 7 days, after which the sites will be blocked, and a month later removed. In the future we plan to develop a system of credibility to the users.