About our servers

Our datacenter

MyLoc (Germany)

A ring-shaped connection of the medium voltage network of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf provides the own transformer equipment in data centres and in the event of failure of a power connection also ensures the power supply through the network of the energy provider. Should there still be a power supply failure, the preheated diesel generators become active immediately and update the battery-backed uninterruptible power supply existing in each RZ range - so that power of the infrastructure of our customers is guaranteed at all times. By an in-house storage of diesel fuel and supply contracts long-term power failures can be tackled without causing interruptions of data centre power supply. All infrastructure systems such as air conditioning, power supply systems and security systems are monitored and controlled by a building control system. A second, independent system also checks all relevant parameters and immediately informs our technicians and service providers in the event of a fault.

Reg.ru (Russia)

  • Power supply reliability for category I (2 independent input from Mosenergo own uninterruptible power supply);
  • Industrial conditioning and ventilation systems from leading manufacturers;
  • Electrostatic protection of the premises of the data center;
  • Automatic gas fire extinguishing system (in the case of gas emissions will not damage caused to the equipment);
  • Video surveillance system with recording events and round the clock armed guard buildings and surrounding areas, where the data center area;
  • Hour vigil of highly skilled administrators and network engineers;
  • The monitoring system of the state of communication and operation of all technical components of the complex.