Simple scale your web-applications

We are the hosting that always know how many resources need for your application.

Pay only for used hardware resources and options of the server. Our platform was built for easy managing your web-application. Elasticweb gets out of your way to build, deploy, and scale application efficiently.

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from 0.01$ / day
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2$ / месяц
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1$ / день
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Realtime statistics

Realtime server resources usage statistics

Доступний вибір між сучасними версіями PHP

PHP 7 / PHP 5.6

SSL поддержка (SNI)

Let's Encrypt and self-signed certificates

Программное обеспечение

Git / Composer / WP-CLi / Drush

Unlimited disk space

No restrictions on the size of the sites


Allow api access for our control panel

Fast payment by domain name

If your site hosted at elasticweb - you can pay without sign in

* Enter correct domain name withour www prefix. Our system will find domain in our database.