О ценах

To order a new node type is available with a fixed value. Strong node hosting account with guaranteed resources and fixed limits. Separation of server hardware resources is implemented using KVM virtualization.

How much cost strong node?

The cost of hosting such a node-1 $/day. For all clients wishing to independence from other customers created by this decision. On this node, you can install the packages that previously could not be mounted on Elastic dataflow diagram.

Our ecosystem to run your Web applications is still simple. You do not need to hire a system administrator, and pay for the server control panel. Our experts monitor your nodes and are ready to solve any problem.

Dedicated IP address

Your sites will be hosted on a dedicated IP, and their impact on the problems of other hosting customers.

Nodejs, Redis and another under your project

On the usual node is not possible use NodeJS, Redis, and other Strong Naudet that possibility is there. Create a ticket and we will install the necessary software.

Server in Russia

The server on which we place Strong Noda is in Russia, so you are not affected by the problems with the new laws.


Day use Strong Noda is worth $ 1. Resources node fixed: KVM virtualization; 2 Core Processor; 2 GB Memory; 40 GB SSD Disk

For owners of strong nod still available statistics resources utilized, but this statistic no longer affects the cost of hosting.

How to create strong node?

Log in to your control panel, at the top click on the button "create node" and check the box near "Strong Noda". Noda shall be set up within 10 minutes. When creatinga node you can now choose between the elastic strong node and node.

About plan


Dedicated hardware resources based on KVM virtualization. Fixed payments

Set up