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How create mysql database

View a list of databases and create a new database can be on the "Databases" page. The letters and numbers can be used as the name of the database. After creating a database to the name prefix as uXXX_dbname will be added.

uXXX - is the name of your node.

In order to have access to the database you want to create user MySQL. This is done on the same page as the creation of databases. On the page to create a database in the "database right" to install the checkboxes to which databases will be able to access MySQL user.

After creating the database and MySQL user, you will be able to connect to MySQL using the data:

  • Server: localhost
  • Port: 3306
  • Database name: you specified when creating the database
  • Database user name: it was said to create a MySQL user
  • Password: specified when creating MySQL user